Last shows!

We will be playing the last 3 shows as a band, so everyone, come down and hang out, it’s the last chance to circle pit!

The shows will take place on the 13th, 14th and 15th of March. Here are the flyers!


See you there!

Up the punx!

Last minute show


So, the italian band Holy is touring Portugal and we are playing with them in Lisbon this Saturday!

Come hang out and bring some friends. Help out the band in any way you can, because all the help is apreciated. There is a tv there if you are a soccer freak!

Up the Punx & Fuck Sports!


No Borders DIY Fest!

Ahoy punx!

This weekend we will play the No Borders DIY Fest on saturday with The Skrotes and on Sunday with ourother bands, Kids Decay.

This is gonna be a blast, with tons of bands, a diy record gathering and to top it all of, there will also be a debate and workshop!

Here is the flyer, and for more info go to the No Borders Diy shitbook.


Summer is over long has is been since we posted something here?
Anyway, we are playing  a really cool show! Our friends Shitmouth are doing a birthday show on their hometown, Porto, and we will be playing, as well as our new band Kids Decay, and a bunch of super cool punk shit! Meet ya there!