Our Music

DEMO 2010

Released in January of 2010 in CD-R format DIY (sold out), and now re-released on tape by Sven at Yellow Dog Berlin! (www.yellowdog.de) We still have some copies and it’s 2€ each!


  1. Teenage Kicks and Circle Pits
  2. You’re The Reason “Punk Is Dead”
  3. SxOxDx

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?1ywzyzlj53r

Self Titled 7″

Upcoming 7″ with six new tracks and a cover from The Nerve Agents. Not released in a physical format yet due to lack of money, but we decided to share it and put the download available.


  1. How Can You Call This A Phase When You Keep Changing With The Seasons?
  2. I’m No Sheep In No Flock
  3. Skate Ratz
  4. Shut Up And Play
  5. College, Job, Failure
  6. Carpe Diem (The Nerve Agents)
  7. Chuck Norris’ Fist

Download: www.mediafire.com?n9567xo5oh8ua77


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