Split 7″ with Boiling Point

Released in December 2012 on 7″ vinyl between our own label Destroy It Yourself, along with Dzsukhell Rekords (Hungary), Yellow Dog Records (Germany), Totalitarianism Still Continues (Slovakia), Black Trash Records (Austria), Farce Attack Records (France) and Carpath Bears (Slovakia). 500 copies pressed, 350 on black, 100 on white and 50 on limited edition dark clear pink. 3,5 euros per copy or 10 euros with t-shirt!


  1. The Skrotes – Skidmark
  2. The Skrotes – Still Don’t Care
  3. The Skrotes – Skate Edge
  4. The Skrotes – If It’s Dead…
  5. Boiling Point – Why Should I Care?!
  6. Boiling Point – Zombie Anarchy
  7. Boiling Point – Positive Example
  8. Boiling Point – Crazy Hungarians

Download: http://www.sendspace.com/file/2tpr2r

Skrotes BP front


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