Demo 2010

Teenage Kicks And Circle Pits

Trashin’ the pit, destroying the stage
If we love this shit, in chaos we engage
The jocks, they hate us, they think were fucking fools
But it doesn’t matter ’cause we have no fucking rules

Destroy the pit, destroy the stage
Destroy everything and fucking rage

We’re running and shouting and dancing, and shit!
We need no one to tell us our scene is legite
We are wreckless no matter what venue we’re in
If you don’t wanna have fun go for a fucking swim


You’re The Reason “Punk is Dead!”

I feel fucking sorry for all you little shits
just sitting and waiting for the latest trends
and the latest bands you’re suposed to adore
you’re preety little lable says “fucking whore”!
you’re not into the music, you’re into the T’s
if it looks good with your jacket, then it’s good for your ears
get a fucking clue of what music’s about
get your own opinions and let it all fucking out

you’re the reason im fucking angry!

and you go to a show, you say you’re out to destroy
but you show up late and preety like a play-fucking-boy
the band plays fucking rad but you dont make a move
till the jocks let you know if its shit they aproove
you check out girls, check out boys and take out notes on what to wear
but i look like a bum so i catch your stare
keep your eyes to yourself cause i am what i am till the end
and you’re just a part of a fucking trend

you’re the reason “punk is dead!”



i might skate all day, and, it’s never enough
i don’t really care, if the ground, is smooth our rough
nothing compares, to the feeling, of pushing on concrete
and nothing matters, when me and my board, are out in the street

no one gets me, and no one, ever will…
understand how, this skateboard, makes me feel

i’m not out to get sponsored, i skate for myself
my feet on my board, and never, my board on my shelf

i, i skate, i skate or die!
i skate, i skate or die!


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