Self Titled 7″

How Can You Call This A Phase When You Keep Changing With The Seasons?

You say you understand, but you wish i would quit!
You say you like what i am, but i make you sick!
You think i give a damn but i dont give a shit!

I’m not like you!
Instead of fitting in, i’ve got better things to do
I don’t need help!
My life is what i am, i am my fucking self

You say you comprehend, but you think i’m not ok!
You say we’re all the same, but i have my own way!
You think this is a phase but you change everyday!

I’m No Sheep In No Flock

Fake words over powerchords
Getting opinions from messageboards
I dont need your ideas, i do my own thing
i rather stay “ignorant” to this fucking scene

Isn’t self satisfaction enough anymore?
Are all the kids this fucking bored?

Everyone around me as sucumbed to it
Selling ideals and trying to fit
No talk about music, just bullshit trends
With so many bloggers who needs real friends?

The internet world is so easy to tame
And you feel you’re on top of the dude chain

So let me in on this, internet is this cool right?
So why dont you stay at home while they broadcast the show online

“I’ve got a cool screen name, and I’ve got 10 hundred posts
im the cool kid, the one who blogs the most!”
“oh god i love that band, and they’re gonna play they’re last show
but im so cosy here, there’s no way im gonna leave my room”

I have a life, i rather live/ i dont want your fucking blog!
Im gonna skate not fucking bitch/ i am not a fucking jock!
get my friends and play a show/ why are you in such a shock?
i am no sheep in no flock!


Skate Ratz

We skate everything and we’ll skate till we die
In the park or the sewer, we’ll give it a try
Fueled with agression we’re always ready to go
cause rats skate for fun, and the kooks skate for show!

Skate ratz, skate everything!
Skate ratz, possessed to skate!
Skate ratz, hate everything!
Skate ratz, gonna make you sick!

We’ll skate on your corpse and then skate on your grave
And skate on those rules that got you enslaved
Skate by your dull life, never skate on a trend
Skate fast till we die, skate ratz till the end!


Shut Up And Play

Straight edge or straight up drunk, we dont give a fuck
The reason we hate you, it’s cause youre a fucking jerk
enough with rehersed talk, what are you trying to achieve?
How about saying something in wich you actually believe?

Shut up!
Shut up and play!


College, Job, Failure

College, Job, Family, is the one and only way
to get into heaven, thats all i hear you say
Well fuck you and your plans, they dont fit in my head
Cause i am alive and Jesus is fucking dead!

If you dont get into college, you’ll end up a bum
If you dont become a lawyer youll end up alone
If you dont get yourself a family so nice and well dressed
Youll get into hell?! no wonder youre depressed!

college, job, family was the one and only way
but now your fucking dead! what can i say?
youre so perfect plan of a life was a lie
so you just took those pills, to overdose and die!

College, job, FAILURE!

Im so sick of your fucking shit, im not like you, youre a fucking dick, cause..
you say “its life” but i have to fight, cause i see that youre all dead inside
Im so sick of your fucking shit, im not like you, youre a hipocrit, you want me..
To be like you and to fail like you, but ill live, thats what im gonna fucking Dooo

Its your fucking shit
Its your fucking shit
Its your fucking shit
and im fucking sick
im fucking sick!


Carpe Diem (The Nerve Agents cover)

Lyrics and song originally by The Nerve Agents


Chuck Norris’ Fist

Stronger than a bull, and with nothing to lose
To live or to die, it’s not your’s to choose
The blood is gonna flow like vintage wine
He will turn you inside out, and eat you like swine
He wil smoke your intestins, and fuck your dead skull
He will steal your lunch money, and eat your brains from a bowl

Chuck Norris’s fist!
Blunt, deadly and quick!

Stronger than a bull, and with nothing to lose
To live or to die, it’s not your’s to choose
The blood is gonna flow like vintage wine
He will turn you inside out, and eat you like swine
Aren’t you scared yet? Do you think it’s a myth?
He’s so fucking tough, he’s look will punch out your teeth!

He will, break your bones
If you, try your luck
You wont, feel a thing
When Chuck Norris rips your fucking gut!

He will kill ’till there’s people no more
Spread your broken bones all over the floor
Rape your dead mother and fuck your room door
Chuck Norris is the hardest fucking core!


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